iNetworks was founded by a CCIE and Security Specialist in the beginning of the 2012 to provide the best technical and customer service to our clients.

One of the main difference between us and many of our competition is that we are not focus on a dedicated brand as we support almost every available networking equipment brand,iNetworks is full of Experts in different areas and all of they have the biggest certifications available in the market.

Let us show you we are the best resource you can get for your network.

The Founder

Julio Carvajal (CCIE #42930)

Julio always believed in using the internet in order to achieve the same results without the need to travel. He has been supporting companies remotely since 2009 when he was a Cisco TAC Security Engineer. Julio has 10 years of commercial Multi-Vendor Network experience and specialises in Routing & Switching and Cisco Security. Julio holds some of the highest certifications in the field, including : CCIE, 2xCCNP, 2xCCNA, JNCIA, JNCIS-SEC, JNCIP-SEC and a OSWP.

We know that today’s Cisco Consultants need to have sound technical knowledge but it is also becoming of more and more important that they possess commercial awareness as well. Whenever our Cisco Consultants are engaged in Cisco Maintenance, Cisco Service or any other activity, they will not only advice the best solutions, they will also keep the budget in mind to help achieving the best return of invest.

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